Welcome to Red Sky Ventures

Red Sky Ventures is an aviation publisher and training service provider, based in Namibia, South West Africa.

We aim to provide top class training and operational resources to pilots both internationally, and locally in our state of registry, Namibia, and in neighbouring countries.

Red Sky Ventures Products and Services

We currently publish several aviation books for pilot training and reference.

Our popular Cessna transition training series provides information for training or reference on the Cessna 152, 172, 182, 206 and the popular 210, well known for use the african fly-in safari's in Namibia. The authors of this series together have several thousand hours in Cessnas, and have brought together a surmountable resource containing essential operating information, a must for the conscientious pilot, in training or qualified, designed to supplement the POH and your flight school's training syllabus.

Our Namibian Air Law Series covers private and commercial Civil Aviation Requirements in Namibia, and is designed as a reference and study guide. The sections are categorised in terms of information, and references to the original text are contained with every paragraph.

The Namibian Airfield Guide, is the only Namibian specific runway guide, and by far the most comprehensive airfield guide available for Namibia. Each airfield plate contains a sketch or photograph of the runway, and where possible the surrounding area, identifying features and landmarks that make navigation to and use of the airfields much safer.

Our company directors and senior instructors all have many years and thousands of hours experience operating commercially in Namia and internationally in a number of other countries, from New Zealand to the UAE. They are well qualified to ensure your flying experience is a safe and enjoyable one.

Red Sky Ventures provides aviation training documentation and consultancy services, and free advice on everything from Safari's in Africa to persuing flight training for fun or a career. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.