Red Sky Ventures provides aviation text books written by pilot's for pilots, based on the concept of shared knowledge is improved safety. Their publications presently include the Cessna Training Manuals and the Namibian Aviation Series. Most books are available in traditional paperback, spiral bound-for ease of study, hardcover, and as ebooks.

Cessna Training Manual Series

Cessna 152 Training Manual

The Cessna 152 Training Manual contains a comprehensive model history, technical description of airframe, engines and systems, an operational description, including normal and emergency operation, recommended checks, operating tips, and speeds, and a step by step guide to performance planning.

Supplemental information included in the introduction are terminology, formulas, and POH description, and there are questions provided to test your knowledge at the end of the book.

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Namibian Aviation Series

Namibian Airfield Directory

A Directory of over 400 Namibian airfields, both private and public, including charts for nearly 100 of the more commonly used fields. This Directory has been developed to aid in pre flight planning and air navigation for VFR pilots. Aerodrome charts and information are provided in either graphic or pictorial and tabular format. Additionally provided is conversion tables, formulas, airspace and operational requirements, radio frequencies, and an aviation telephone directory. Updates: Due to it's nature this information is continually being updated should you have any information on airfields in Namibia and wish to assist us with making this available to other pilots please email, post or phone us with details.

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